Games Arena Management;


· Customers will be encouraged to view the Briefing video prior to arrival at Laserforce.  Additional briefings and debriefings will be done at a 2 m distance.

· Each group will enter and leave the Armoury separately. The number of players in the armoury will be limited to 6.

· Battle-suits are not to be taken into the Reception area.

· The Games marshal will also wear a face mask & optional visor and keep contact with players to a minimum, other than for safety and technical reasons only.

· Players with membership cards will be encouraged to log themselves into arena.  All non members will be auto-logged into games.

· A score screen can be made available in the armoury for the continuous play option.

· Players will be reminded to keep two hands on the phaser at all times when in arena.

· Used battle-suits will be quarantined until cleaned prior to issuing to another group.  



Customer & Staff  interface;


· Site purchases can be on a “tab” basis, which will be paid at the end of the booking by contactless card transactions.


· Staff and group organiser’s contact details will be available for the NHS track and trace programme.



Covid-19  Risk Assessment  - May 21 update

It is expected that both staff and customer will adhere to current Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions covering such things as Social distancing, use of PPE and Self isolation if advised.


All Adults attending the arena are required to either scan the NHS QR code on arrival or provide contact details inline with current Government Regulations.


Following a risk assessment of the Laserforce facility the following actions and procedures are now in place to provide a Covid Secure Environment for our customers and staff.



Site Hygiene;