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Fun & Excitement for all ages

Laserforce is place where laser beams, pierce the air in a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of Star Wars.

A place where fantasy meets reality players can be the space hero they’ve always wanted to be, in a safe environment.

An advanced computer controlled laser game system offering a great time for all participants, irrespective of age or experience

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Fun & Excitement for all ages

State of the art multi-coloured Battle-suits with Laser firing Phasers

Multi level Sci-fi themed arenas with Interactive targets

Take the Challenge

Exciting Missions,   Score the  most points,  Be the most accurate,     Survive the longest

For Individuals, Groups, Birthday Parties, Corporate and Clubs

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Covide update

Both Peterborough & Leicester are closed

The earliest we will be allowed to open is the 17th May

Provisional bookings can be made after this date,

subject to Covid Group and Number restrictions.

No payment is required when booking





We had a great time! The staff are very helpful and friendly. Good to see a high level of Covid-19 regulations carried out, sanitising of tables, door plates and access to hand sanitizer. It was nice to feel our family was safe and looked after without feeling under pressure. My son had a great 10th Birthday. Thank you!

Stacey - Bookeo


Booked as treat for my sons before returning to school. Felt very safe and all covid restrictions where covered by the team. Extra safety precautions were in place but nothing that impacted the fun and enjoyment for the kids

Lisa - Bookeo

Live Action Laser Games

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